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The copyright of the ytLongTrack dataset is owned by The Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing, University of Surrey, UK. Permission is hereby granted to use the ytLongTrack dataset for academic purposes only, provided that it is referenced in publications related to its use as follows:
K. Lebeda, S. Hadfield, J. Matas, R. Bowden. Long-Term Tracking Through Failure Cases. In Proceedings of the ICCV Workshop on Visual Object Tracking Challenge, 2013.

Dataset Information

The dataset contains two videosequences, NissanSkylineChase and LiverRun, which are a subset of the ytLongTrack dataset. These contain traffic scenes, with the camera mounted on a vehicle chasing another car. Both are of a low quality. They were chosen to test long-term tracking for their challenging properties such as length (LiverRun exceeds 29000 frames!), strong illumination and viewpoint changes, extreme scale changes and full occlusions. The following table summarises properties of the videosequences.

Resolution # frames # frames fully visible Selected frames
NissanSkylineChase 640×480 3800 3634
LiverRun 320×240 29700 26277