Welcome to my personal webpage

Update: this webpage is no longer maintained. You can find me on github, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, or send me an email at lucas[dot]rencker[at]gmail.com.

I am a PhD student at the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), University of Surrey, UK, under the supervision of Wenwu Wang and Mark Plumbley.

My research interests include sparse decomposition and dictionary learning for various inverse problems in signal processing, such as denoising, inpainting or declipping. More generally, I am interested in matrix factorization, sparse/low-rank decomposition, statistical learning and optimization, with application to signal processing.

From March to July 2017, I was visiting INRIA Paris, under the supervision of Francis Bach.

I am also a visiting research student (a few days per month) at Cedar Audio Ltd (Cambridge, UK), to work on signal processing techniques for digital audio restoration.

You can find a list of my publications here, and some demos and software here.

You can also see some of my codes on my github page.

Feel free to contact me at lucas[dot]rencker[at]surrey.ac.uk